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Well after 4 outstanding months, courtesy of Gallet. I have 2 weeks left. Am I looking forward to returning home? Yes and No. On a happy note, I return to the wedding of my lovely daughter.
On a sad note, I will miss it tremendously here. Not just the place, I loved Columbia, not just the museum which was great, not just the library that was outstanding. But the people who I fell in love with. I thank you all.

I learned a lot, I touched over 2000 timepieces, gave lectures, and wrote articles - I have even learn to service watches - a dream come true.

My intention over my last 2 weeks is to try to make you all become part (members) of NAWCC. We can not truly be 'horologists' people interested in timepieces and NOT support 'our - 'YOUR'' National Treasure.
The school has gone - would you want the museum to go as well. I pray not. But it needs 'YOU!

This museum is NOT supported by Government grants, It has ONLY a very few staff, and many super volunteers, it can only survive from memberships, donations of either money or timepieces.
If you all purport to be horologists and especially if you are American and are not members - that is a great pity. If you can not afford the $70. Why not donate say $20 or a few watches. If you really can not do either, then write some articles for the NAWCC Bulletin.
Kitchener coined the phrase during first world war "Your Country Needs You." I coin the phrase now 'The Museum needs you!'

Think about it. Be part of your National treasure. You will be greater persons for it.
Start by joining in our Webinar on the August 1st. Maybe you know it all , but the $7 helps the museum funds.

NAWCC- “Images are the property of the National Watch & Clock Museum, Library & Archives and may not be reproduced without permission.
NAWCC seeks to encourage and stimulate interest in the art and science of timekeeping.
Find out what we’re all about • Calendar of Events • Give a Gift • Join Us!

p: 717.684.8261 • f: 717.684.0878 • Welcome to NAWCC
NAWCC, Inc. • 514 Poplar St. • Columbia PA 17512-2130

Adam R. Harris - soon to be 'retired' Guest Curator

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Adam did a FANTASTIC job ! ! ! !

A very well spoken and knowledgeable man.

Several points that Adam made during the seminar were very interesting and I learned quite a bit.

Thank you so much for sharing this GREAT information with us ! ! ! ! !
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