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It is not often one receives a gift from the person that is leaving, but a few days ago, Al Dodson who had been a lecturer at the National Watch and Clock School was returning to his home - Kentucky. Al had become a great friend to me here at the museum, apart from teaching me some watch repair, we used to chat daily on Horology and his knowledge combined with my enthusiasm took us along so many different paths of horology.

Its about 1 week since Al left, and I miss him here a lot - he left me 'Dennis' to keep me company. Dennis! Dennis Who? Not 'Dennis the menace? No 'Dennis' the Hamilton. A lovely 64 year old friend.

Here you go a yellow gold filled 1948 Hamilton 'Dennis'

Now The Movement - 980 - 17 Jewel. S/no. G598648- 1948/9

Even inside case is marked 'Dennis'

And the box! Cool watch - great friend

Finally the wrist shot:

Al Dodson - Friend, mentor and aficionado

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Nice tribute.

Perhaps one day you could return the favour - give him a Hamilton Dodson!

Catalogued 1938-1948
- 17-jewel 987 movement
- 10K yellow gold filled case
- Available with applied gold numeral dial (most common) & black enamel numeral dial
- 27mm case width, 37mm over the lug tips
- 16mm strap width
- Production figure unknown
- $37.50 (black enamel) & $40.00 (AGN dial) new in 1938
- $52.50 new in 1948 for AGN dial

Here's my enamel dial example - with an awful s/s bracelet that lasted about five minutes before being swapped out for a nice black leather strap.

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