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I have to add more Seiko Pieces but I haven't made pictures of them yet.

My beautiful blue Seiko 6139-6020 aka 'Pulsations' aka 'Doctor':

My Seiko 7a38-706a:

My Seiko 6139-6002 aka 'Pogue', the wear and tear on the bezel are hardly visible in real life:

My Seiko Presage Cocktail SRPB41J1 aka "Blue Moon":

My Seiko 6138-0030 JDM aka 'Kakume' or 'Big Blue':

My second Seiko 6139-6019 aka 'Deep Blue':

My Breitling Airwolf A78363:

My Seiko 6138-8030:

My Seiko 6139-6010:

My Seiko 6139-6019:

My Seiko 6139-6011 which needs service and a new crystal. This won't be my only 6139-601x, I'm way too addicted to that absolutely gorgeous blue dial:

My Seiko 6139-6020 (the red hue on the dial and hands is because of a red parasol). Hardly worn by the original owner:

My Seiko SARB017:

My Seiko SNA411:

My Seiko Recraft Series SSC667 'Gulf':

My Seiko SRP731K1 (NOS):

I hope you enjoyed my post, it will be updated frequently.


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Welcome Walter. Very nice collection of Seikos!
Thank you very much for the welcome and for liking the collection mikeyt_53 (y) I will update the list tomorrow but if you can't wait to see what I will post then could take a peak on my Instragram

Very nice! I enjoyed looking at your beautiful Seikos! (y)

BTW: Welcome
Thank you so very much for the welcome and your compliment about my srgray (y)

Wow, stunning collection! can’t pick a favourite.
Thank you so very much. I know the feeling BrianG, I can't pick a favourite either. (y)

Yes, not too shabby at all...but how did that Breitling find its way in there? View attachment 226207
Thank you very much CometHunter. You had me laughing about what you said about the Breitling. Actually Seiko, Breitling, Zenith, Sinn, ICW are my favorite brands and I hope to sneak some of their models too instead of just 1 Breitling, so he has some backup View attachment 226207

Love those vintage Seiko's
Thank you very much oak1971 there are already new ones which I will post here soon,some of them are already on my Instagram account so you could take a sneak peak there. Feel free to follow, but that counts for all of you :ROFLMAO::LOL:

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I like the Seiko SRP731K1
Thank you, me too my friend. Really such a beautiful piece. I really like it too but to be honest I got it to flip but the moment I took it out of its box I couldn't sell it anymore. Same with a donor 6139-6019. I got it to put the 2 piece sweep hand in my oldest 6019 but I can't do it. Both are really good looking and I can't get myself to take the sweep out. So, now I still need a 2 piece sweep hand, haha.
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