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A Hamilton Otis is my daily
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Hello to all:
I have had extra time as I seem to have… as I become older. I was looking at some of the items I have collected and where and with whom I would like to share them if there comes that unenviably moment unexpectedly.
As, I was doing some exploratory research on some individual items.. I had a wristwatch and while doing some web research, I came across a post from this website and was initially confused while reading & observing some information on a particular Hamilton wristwatch.

I having poor eyesight and tried to examine my watch as compared to the watches shown in the posting. And had no ability to see clearly.
Weeks,months,years pass and the initial curiosity was lost with my need to think about my likely beneficiaries.

Now, I have again, have come in my life … revisit that time where decisions should be considered again.
And that old Watch-Talk forum post that I remembered visiting. I looked again and the post reappeared and I took the watch in question to my jeweler to clean and locate the serial numbers for the case and movement.

‘’And to my surprise the gift that I received is the watch that is discussed in the Watch-Talk forum posting from 2011.
It seems that the gift I received was previously a purported well known 14K FlintRidge owned by Rene Rondeau…that was sold and disappeared and was lost until now.
I happy to share this continued story and history of this particular wristwatch. If anyone is still curious.

I also located additional information in another website named…
Hamilton Flintridge: Rare & Unusual - Topic

Edit: I located an additional post done by Rene Rondeau as he was member of this forum. He displays his watch in his personal post;
Vintage rarity: the "Flintridge"

ps: I tried to post a couple of good clear photos of that watch As requested by the administration just having issues with IPAD

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There was no question that Rene Rondeau was very knowledgeable when it came to Hamilton watches and their history. Unfortunately he hasn't been active here in a couple of years now. That 'Flintridge' is a very nice Hamilton and I'm envious! (y):love:

Please post a couple of good clear photos of that watch? And any other nice Hammys!

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You're a lucky man! Congratulations and welcome to WTF.
My Valiant and I say "Welcome!"
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