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Had this for a week now. Had the 1959 model from Sam's club for 189. but the bezel overshadowed the watchcase and made it look monstrous. This one is perfect, design/dimension-wise.......... The 0813 is 500m WP as well.......

The bracelet, while Excellent in it's ruggedness and design is not as nice as the 1959 model but ya can't have everything.....I'd like to swap them out but it seems near impossible to obtain just a bracelet from the company and I'm not entirely sure they are compatible between models. Might be a problem in the lug connections....The 1959 bracelet had pins and collars as the 0813 just has split pins......the 1959 bracelet was machined a bit smoother and wore beautifully on the least for me......(Any help out there?)

This 0813 is an excellent watch in many respects. The movement seems rugged as I've banged it around quite a bit and it holds strong. The luminosity is average if not better than.......Once it gets a couple of hours of direct sunlight it retains it's luminosity for a long time....even after 6 hours you can still see the markers etc......I've had many higher priced watches that had crap for luminosity.......The winding crown is excellent and cool as is the bezel design and it clicks beautifully. I have a small wrist and this beast still wears pretty darn well.....

This is my first Invicta and I am impressed....... with this model at least...... The construction, movement and attention to detail are great for $225.00..............Whoo-hoo.......!! Watch Analog watch Tartan Clock Font
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