My Sub

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Thought I would post a pic, I have not been to active in the Rolly forum.

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Very nice!

What's people's thoughts on the Green Sub? Is it something they see themselves wearing long term? I've always wanted a Sub and with already having a SD, buying the standard sub or sub-date doesn't make much sense as they are virtually identical.

How about some pics of the Green Sub Guys? Can I see some more please?
That's one of the best pics of the LV i've seen John!

About an hour ago I called my AD and cancelled my pre-order of the SD Deepsea after he told me the price!!! Way to much IMO! I've ordered the LV instead.
Stunning pictures Scott as always. I don't know if you missed my post but i've now ordered my brand new LV through my AD.

Have any more pics for me to drool over or does anyone else have pics of this beauty?
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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