My "Seamaster Sisters" . . .

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have a new brother:

Thanks to a good friend (not Santa) who surprised me with this new 2254.50.

So Roger (beamon) is no longer the sole holder of an SMP "hat trick" on this forum.

Fr. John+
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BIG CONGRATS Fr. John....:001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1:

You also bought ''The Black one''...:thumbup::thumbup:

Enjoy this great trio..:thumbup1:
I said it would be something classy. But then I also said something like a De Ville X2. But I prefer that SMP anyday. However Fr John, was it a surprise, or had you been hinting at all? Will you be wearing it to Sunday Service today. Which reminds me, I really must get ready. We are having a Nativity during Mass this morning and James is in it playing one of the countless number of shepherds or sheep.

Have a good Sunday everyone. 2 more sleeps before the big day :w00t:
Many Congratulations Fr. John.

What a fantastic trio.:thumbup:
The 2254.50 . . .

was a total surprise and a truly unexpected gift from a good friend.

He knew that I had the "blue and white" and had been tempted by the black. Having "retired" back in June and with limited income, Santa could not have swung even a Timex. :blushing:

Even my wife was taken aback and commented that this one looked quite appropriate for a priest to wear while celebrating Mass. So Fergie, this one will be worn for Advent 4.

Fr. John+
What a special friend you have there, Fr. I'd say that you have had a super year with all the changes in your life going so well, too! :)

Ok, the "hat trick" appellation is yours. I'll use "trifecta" for my SeaSisters. :biggrin:
Well done :thumbup1:... Congrats and wear it in good health

very nice Fr. John+, you've collected yourself a wonderful trio of Seamasters, and most importantly... a mighty fine friend..:thumbup1:

Hey Fr John,



All three look very photogenic together.
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