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Hey guys ! ! !

After YEARS of searching my QUEST is finally COMPLETE ! ! ! ! ! !

ALL of the SIZE 6s Elgin RED 12 Enamel Dial Trench Watches have now been found and cataloged.

These are by FAR the RAREST of the RARE to obtain.

I have restored hundreds of Elgin Trench Watches but these three are so rare that I have only seen ONE of each of them ! ! ! ! !

Elgin only made THREE different enamel dial styles for the GIANT size 6s trench watches.

Bold Roman Numeral - Arabic Numeral - Shadow Box Numeral

ALL THREE have a "USA" stamp just below the ELGIN signature on the enamel dial.

All three have a "Silverode" case that was made by the Philadelphia Watch Case Company during the Great War that measures 38mm without the crown.

They are my pride and joy ! ! ! !

1918 Elgin, 15 jewels, grade 295, Arabic Dial.

1918 Elgin, 15 jewels, grade 295, BOLD Roman Dial.

1917 Elgin, 7 jewels, grade 286, Shadow Box Dial.

I honestly don't know what to do with myself now that ALL THREE have finally been found ! ! ! ! !

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CONGRATS Stan... this is a wonderful horological quest!

The fact that you have found these treasures is simply amazing!

I guess from here, you should do something cool like put them in a Calendar!

Like this:

For all you folks who don't know... Stan has put many of his ELGIN Military WWI treasures into a VERY cool Calendar...
I just got mine!

PM him for more details!
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