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Got the call from my AD this afternoon to say the my Planet Ocean had arrived.

It was a nice suprise as I was expecting it to be another couple of weeks yet as Omega had told the AD it would be a 3 week wait when I ordered it.

I managed to rush into London just before closing to pick it up and I am well chuffed!!

First impressions are that it is BIG BIG BIG, but that the 42mm size just looked small compared to my 300M Chrono, however the 45.5 is still lighter than the 300M Chrono.
The bracelet is fantastic (think I may get half a link more taken out for a more snug fit) and feels great, and the Lume is absolutely superb!!

All in all its been a great weekend (see my other thread re: bracelet) and hopefully I will be able to pick up a Speedy in another few months to go along with my Seamasters.

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Mr Inked

It's Fireworks Time :thumbup:


Great looker my friend

You're right, most things would look small
by comparison to the Bond chronograph

Enjoy your PO


have a gr8 day :001_smile:



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Hi Zin,

Didn't get time yesterday to do a comparative shot as one of my mates came round as he knew my wife was away on a training course, so it ended up a night of drinking plenty of red wine. :D
I will certainly see what I can do this afternoon.


Looks very nice - CONGRATULATIONS

It's quite large too but makes a lot of sense if you have the Bond chrono.

Best wishes :001_smile:
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