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I can hardly believe it has happenned so quickly, but the NT is my daily:thumbup1:

The slightly flatter profile coupled with the highly legible face are what did it for me.

It is like a two watches in the day time, it is like living in black and white; and a nite time, the world of color comes to me.

Mine has the blue and yellow color scheme and that is what drew me to it, but the day time look is stunning as well.

No matter what I wear at work, and more often then not is my Ball Moonphase or Anonimo Chronoscopio, when I get home, night time is the right time for the NightTrain:thumbup:

Experimented with the rubber strap for Festivus, but I really like the way the Ball leather straps soften as they break in, so today, the leather strap with orange stitching is back.

I called Ball to get some slightly longer spring bars (see previous thread), as the watch needs .7mm width and a slightly longer bar than it is shipped with. I'd bet the length is a hair longer than 21 mm and when the new bars arrive and I take off the strap again I will measure.

My two Chrismukkah watches this year where my Moonphase and my NightTrain, and they are both instant classics!
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