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NOT! Although Mrs. Rusty loves boats, this one would be a stretch, a very big stretch.

The Riva history started when Pietro Riva took up a formidable challenge to repair two storm-damaged fishing boats. Later, Riva, already famous for his exceptional carpentry skills, was specially committed to build a new boat by a wealthy client. Nowadays, Riva is the most ancient shipyard in the world that maintained continuous production and member of the Ferretti Group, international leader in luxury yachting. It is proud of 22 production units.

Here is a better pic of one of the Aqua Riva watches mentioned in the Feb. 2008 IW magazine. It seems more Euro than American IMHO.

Source of pix/copy:

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I have a better opinion of the watch..A 7 on the 10 meter scale for me....Is that "bling" on the dial around the subdials?....Real teak wood wood:D have made it ideal. Still kind of a funny dial. Layout is standard but the decoration????????I think it's that circle that doesn't fully surround the subdials.:confused1:....That's it!...For me , eliminate the circle that is full of bling and I might want it...It would "make my boat float".
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