My new Hamilton

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Presenting my new Hamilton. The talk on this forum about pocket watches inspired me to go buy this one today from the same dealer friend from whom I got my Masterpiece. It's a size 12 gold-filled model (the gold fill is guaranteed for 25 years - still looks unworn) from 1922 with the 17-jewel 910 movement. You push down on the crown to wind, pull up to set. It has a double back. You use a fingernail to open first one, then the other. They snap into place. I had to have a vintage gold chain, and it cost nearly as much as the watch. I've got $225 invested in it and I think a got a heck of a deal. I set it at the dealer's, went to lunch, took photos. It is keeping up with the Rolex I set it by.
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Your movement was sent to the finishing department on March 19, 1923, as part of a batch of 1,000 grade 910 movements. It's a very fine piece!
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