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So here is my new Fleet Admiral Deep Blue watch on a custom croc strap. Ever since I started watch collecting I have wanted just 1 gold style watch for weddings, funerals, job interviews and the like.
I know the gold look is kind of out of style right now but personally I still like it for certain things and my mood. And because by the end of 2013 I will own bronze, PVD, stainless, Cobalt, Tungsten; why not throw one of these into the mix ? As you can see by my signature my collection is mostly Lumtecs.
After looking at many models I decided on this one, not so much on price but on pure looks. I really like how this watch looks on this strap, it just looks like it could be worth much more than it is, to me anyways. The strap it came with was kinda cheap so I replaced it. It's a custom from Jeanna, and the buckle is replaced too, gold plated 10 mic gold from strap code.
And these Iphone pics don't do it justice.

Anyways this is my new dress watch.

Any other Fleet Admiral fans out there?

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