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My friend, who died in 1979 at age 86, had a Hamilton Milton 982 watch. He wore it all the time-including while he was gardening. He passed away while wearing it.

His neice gave the watch, case, and box to me soon after he died. All are in excellent condition. I have the guarantee as well as the "packed by.." paper.

Was wondering about what year would he have purchased it? How much (although not interested in selling) is it worth?

Serial # of watch: J-545951

Serial # of case: J177598

Thanks for your help and interest.

Donald Shelton

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Hi Don! Plenty of info out there on when the 982 movement in general was produced (1935-1951) but not on matching specific Serial #s to exact years.
I know that one of my 982s (J457837) was manufactured in 1946
The very last 982 was J670600 made in 1951 (according to The Ranfft Movement Database)
It's probably a safe guess that your watch's movement was made in 1948 or 1949. Allow maybe up to 12 months between the time the watch left the factory and the retailer actually sold it.
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