My Hamilton Khaki Chrono. I LOVE this watch. Lots of pics!

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I posted this in the do you own a hamilton thread as well, but thought id throw it here in case some of the forum goers wouldnt normally venture into that thread.

BUY A HAMILTON if you dont own one!
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Great photos of a beatiful watch.I need a Hammy
superb watch and nice photos. The watch will grow on you and not in the way the mold from Invicta does.
BTW, I think I asked this in the archive...what is the MSRP?
BTW, I think I asked this in the archive...what is the MSRP?
My research shows that to be $945.
The most beautiful part of the watch is the stepped bezel-case design. As for quality, its strongest attribute IMHO is the brushing. Thats something that to me, can always give you the perceived value of a watch; its the brushwork. It is FLAWLESS on this watch. It looks no different than any of the IWC pilot watches, even the dial is equally great. The finishing on this watch would sell it for twice the price or more. I can not wait to buy a Jazzmaster!
Really like that one! I have to get me a Hamilton. Seems this brand is really taking off around here as Boscoe said. Pictures like this tell me why.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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