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Here is a couple photos of some of my collection. It's growing quickly...

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yeah, I know... I don't have my RD Chrono in there, but I did swap for the Corduba in the meantime. =)

I have my eye on a couple different ones in the future here... I saw a Grand Speedway at JCP the other day which I took a liking too, and I do want to get to get a skeleton.
Thanks everyone... I'm pretty picky about what I like, so there isn't really one in my collection that I would get rid of.

banned- no it's not real, however, I got it for cheap and I have been really happy with it and the ETA movement. I used to think it was big, LOL. As I was taking these pictures my wife commented that one of the watches didn't belong, I said yes, that Panerai, hahaha, she was referring to the G-Shock.
That's actually one of the better ones I've seen. One day, a 2500 meter Submersible will be mine. What is the case size of that Tissot?
Yeah, it's a pretty good relica... the Tissot is 40mm.
Very nice, Like the PRS-200!
It's a PRC-200
Hey I like them all. Nice collection. By the way IMHO that Mudman doesn't have to take backseat to any watch. I have a G-Shock on right now. They are lightweight, accurate, durable, and nice looking as well. That Tissot is nice!
Oh it doesn't. I love my Mudman, as well as the other Casio I've ordered. :001_smile: It just needs some friends so it doesn't look so out of place. All of my watches have a nice purposes, I wear my G-Shocks to the race track and shooting, they don't get much wrist-time during the work week in the office, they are more of a workhorse. :cool1:
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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