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This is one of the most difficult watch to snap photos. I try my best here. Hope you will enjoy. ( John H: You would do a much better job, but wrong timing for me.)

Magellan 1521 Northern Hemisphere Swiss Watch

I am privileged and delighted to be able to handle a very unique timepiece – the Magellan 1521 Northern Hemisphere Stainless Steel watch.

At first glance, the shape reminded me of a Swatch I lost 9 years ago, the Fifth Element.

When I first open the box, I am already impressed with the quality of the watch box. Heavy, lacquered and glossed, when I open the box, the aroma of the leather watch pillow just mesmerized me.

Removing the watch together with the watch pillow, I held the Magellan watch for the first time, I can only say ‘Wow – a fine masterpiece of art.’ The sapphire crystal is like a window into a wonderland. The wonderland in Magellan 1521 is in the dial itself.

The sapphire glass, uniquely spherical in shape, is anti-reflective and scratch-resistant, to allow the discerning on-lookers a chance to observe through the glass.

The dial pictures the 3-dimensional map of one half of an antique globe – the Northern Hemisphere. When looked closely, I was amazed and impressed with the quality of the material used to make the globe. What intricacy the watchmakers have exhibited in painting the artwork of the Northern Hemisphere map.

Sitting around the 3-dimensional globe is the Mother-of-Pearl dial on a chapter ring. The mother-of-pearl adds further beauty and shine to the fabulous watch, as light passes through the glass, hitting the mother-of-pearl dial at every angle. Seconds and gradient indications complete the entire look.

The hands are also curved with the surface of the spherical dial – this makes the watch a talking point anywhere. (During a recent gathering lunch, everyone was saying how beautiful the Magellan is.)

There is a 24-hour sun-dial hand gold marker which indicates the longitudinal position of the sun as the day passes by.

As I look outside the dial, I notice the Magellan has no bezel and crown. I wonder ‘How can I possibly adjust the time without a crown?’ Then I made my discovery, I began to realize the purpose of the bulging piece on the right side of the dial. That is in fact a crown cover. The watchmakers at Magellan wanted the focus to be on the dial, and hence cleverly integrate the crown-cover into the chapter ring. The crown is discreetly incorporated into the case at the back. Adjustment of the time is by the simple pull/push of the crown from the case-back.

Turning the watch carefully around to is back, the back plate is engraved with the details of the watch and a bird’s eye view of the map of the antique globe. The back of the watch is also a fine work of art. With no visible lugs, the straps are custom-made with high quality ostrich leather that has been intelligently inserted into the case-back. The butterfly deployant clasp has been engraved with ‘Magellan’ as well.

With a desirable size of 43mm diameter, 19mm height, housed in a reliable ETA 2893 automatic movement, the Magellan 1521 Northern Hemisphere is water-resistant to 3 atmospheres and available in Stainless Steel or 18K pink or yellow gold case.

One must really admire the talents of the Swiss watchmakers when the Magellan is presented.

Personal notes: The Magellan 1521 watch is not a technical watch. If you are looking for a functional watch, this will not suit you either. This watch is a simple, subtle work of fine workmanship. For those discerning ones will truly appreciate the amount of passion, time and talent injected in hand-making the watch from beginning to the end.

I can’t take my eyes of the watch my day passed. Call me a watch savant or madman, it is just addictive looking and more importantly, WEARING the timepiece.

Impress-Watches is proud to present the Magellan 1521 Northern Hemisphere in either stainless steel for a limited period special price. If you are keen to add this magnificent piece, please contact us with your interest at [email protected], stating your choice of case material of either the stainless steel or the 18K pink/yellow gold edition.
All watches comes with the valid international warranty, and either a choice of black or brown ostrich strap, shipped with full insurance via Fedex International Priority.

About Magellan Watch S.A (adapted from the website)
Magellan Watch is named after Ferdinand Magellan (1479 – 1521). This great navigator and explorer embarked on a daring expedition that has become known as the first circumnavigation of the world. The expedition proved conclusively that earth is round and is even today considered one of the most important feats in human history.
It is not only in tribute to this exceptional endeavor that we named the company after Magellan. Equally important, Magellan showed us the merit of challenging rooted concepts and practices, which notion formed the very basis for the innovative character of our designs.

Magellan Watch is established in the heart of the Swiss watch-production region. Employing some of the most gifted local craftsmen, the company creates and produces tactile and aesthetically pleasing timepieces -incorporating proven high quality Swiss precision components- dedicated to a discerning clientele, world-wide.
The 1521 series - the number refers to the year in which Magellan reached his goal of sailing around the world - incorporates a dial in the form of a half globe, housed under a scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire dome. This protected model features an automatic movement (a de-centric weight winds the mainspring), crown fully incorporated into the case (which greatly attributes to the fact that the watch is pleasant to wear), hands curved with the circumference of the dial and a 24-hour hand which indicates the longitudinal position of the sun at any given time.

Although the model is unique and innovative, the look and feel remains profoundly classical. Model 1521 was awarded a prestigious ‘Prix du Jury’ award by Montres et Passion for innovation and design.

The sapphire crystal used in the production of model 1521 is to our knowledge the most expensive glass ever incorporated into a timepiece. The “canons” (set of tubes that transport the power for the hands up from the movement to the centre of the dial) require milling with extreme precision. Add to this the labour intensive assembly process and the use of delicate materials such as mother of pearl and you will understand why Magellan produces only three, individually numbered units per day.

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