My First Problem

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I recieved my OG II in the mail yesterday. This is my fourth Invicta (fifth, if you count a gift for my girlfriend). After taking the plastic off I realized the clasp was broken. :cursing::cursing: I was planning on taking it to the mall to be resized, so I thought I would see if they could repair the clasp as well, rather than ship it to Invicta customer service. The shop no longer works on watches bought over the internet due to the fakes out there. I felt like saying, "Really, a fake Invicta?", but I didn't want to argue with an employee for doing his job, especially since I wasn't even technically a customer. So, Monday morning I will have to call Invicta.

In a related question, does anybody know if the Invicta repair kit includes the tools to resize bracelets? :confused1: I suppose I will have to learn to to this myself.
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Well that great Invicta stepped up:thumbup1:, but the seller's response to your problem sounds lame.:confused1::blink::mad:
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