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I have a Philip 48mm Admirale on order from ShopNBC. Since it was delayed and i will be leaving town before the scheduled arrival date, I decided to leave work early and look around my local AD. Long story short, I walked out with this Omega Seamaster Chronometer. Amazing what a pretty salesperson, a generous discount and 12 months interest free financing will do!

I know getting the Omega was a better choice than the Philip, but there is a significant difference in price.

I got home and tried to cancel the Philip, but I couldn't as they are now in the process of shipping them.

I still think I will keep the Omega and return the Philip, but I wish I could kep them both.


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Hey Mr Outafocus


It's a thoroughbred :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

I was reading a blog this afternoon in which the author said
this was the last watch one would ever need to buy

Thanks for sharing your joy with us :001_smile:

Enjoy your new baby


Be well now



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That's a beautiful piece.

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