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I've been on the forum for a few months now as I have been researching my very first "nice" watch and have received some excellent advice here. I haven't introduced myself here yet though but thought I should now because I finally got my first watch and wanted to share it with you good folks who have been so kind and generous with your advice and thoughts.

I've always wanted a quality watch, as watches and clocks with all their moving parts and gears, have always held a fascination and romance for me. I never prioritized buying myself a truly nice watch though as there are always more important things to spend money on (bills, mortgage, retirement fund, vet bills, etc.).

Last fall, I turned 50 and this year is my 5th year cancer-free, so I allowed myself to splurge. I did tons of research and shopping around to find what I really like, and I decided on an Omega seamaster aqua terra in the 34mm size.

I like that it's small enough to fit me and my scrawny wrists, but doesn't have diamonds, mother of pearl face, or any other girly thing that I'm supposed to want. It's tough if you want a smaller watch but don't want the bling. I want a WATCH, not jewelry! This one fit my wrist and my aesthetic!

I also really considered the Cartier Panthere but two things kept me from choosing that one. One is that it is a quartz movement and I really wanted to have an automatic. I have lots of old wind-up mechanicals and of course I have quartz watches, but no automatic. The other reason I decided against the Panthere is that it is fairly dressy and I already have a good number of dressy watches, so the Panthere wouldn't really add anything new to my watch wardrobe. The Omega was perfect because while it is a simple, classic style, I don't have anything like it. All of my other watches are either vintage or fashion styles. This is a great watch that can be worn with anything from jeans to a suit. I wouldn't wear it with a cocktail dress, but again, I have other watches for that already.

Here's me with my new watch and a gin and tonic, saying "Cheers" to 2023, to 5 years cancer-free, and to many more healthy, happy years to come!

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Congrats on the most important thing..... 5 years cancer free! I got thru my 5 yrs last year and remember that feeling of 'relief' well.

As for your choice of watch, well done! That Omega Seamaster Aqua is an excellent choice with a nice blend of elegance and yet sporty looks about it. That one will be something to be proud of for many years to come.


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Oops. I had to edit my original post. I mistakenly listed the size as 36mm but it was actually the 34mm that I got. I always forget it's the smaller one because it seems so large on my wrist. I'm grateful to Omega for actually making a non-blinged out watch in a 34. Not many of them do.

It's really the lug-to-lug that matters though because I didn't want anything that looked like it was dangling off the sides of my wrist. A lot of watches gave me the look of a kid wearing Dad's watch. Size trends seem to come and go. Vintage watches are all tiny so obviously small was desireable back in the day. Ginormous watches were a trend recently, but now they're going back a bit smaller. Since this was a splurge for me and I'm not going to be buying a ton of watches at this price point, I wanted something kind of in the middle - not too big, not too small - so that I wouldn't be riding a trend.

The 34mm fits me perfectly I think. Here's another photo of the watch from the top down and how it sits on my wrist. The lugs are not quite at the edges, which is just perfect for what I wanted. The only problem is that my eyesight isn't what it used to be and that date window is pretty tiny. It's aaaaalllmost useless for me. I can still see it, but only if I hold my arm out a bit and look down my nose at it like an old lady. :ROFLMAO:

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