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New forum :thumbup:... new format (again:001_rolleyes:)

So here's what interesting (or not) info I pulled out of my hat today...

7 tips to keep your relationship exiting...

1. Keep on courting her... The occasional gifts (like diamond watches) do wonders
2. Focus on common interests... Look for a hobby together, like shopping for example :rolleyes:
3. Make sure you don't do everything together... Also spend some time with your other girlfriends (duh) :D
4. Invent new traditions... Don't buy her the same watch each year. It has to be a more expensive one every time...
5. Be there for her... And that means also during that time of the month :crying:
6. Stay in good shape... Love handles, contrary to what the name implies, are not very exiting to look at :wink:
7. Communication is everything... Almost all problems can be resolved by talking, as long as you let the talking part up to her and you'll limit yourself to the listening part...

Note: The author of this thread has been married and divorced twice in a period of 4 years. Everything he says about this subject should be taken with a grain of salt...

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Interesting, Mr. Wauters:

My 7 steps to a happy marriage.

1. Yes dear.
2. Yes dear.
3. Yes dear.
4. Yes dear.
5. Yes dear.
6. Yes dear.
7. Yes dear.

(And the secret unspoken No. 8 - go out with the guys at least twice a week. that's not code for chasing other women, either.)
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