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I just bought Movado watch 0606339 from Zales as a Christmas gift for my father.
Since Movado website states Zales is an authorized dealer in the U.S., I believe it should be authentic. That's actually why I bought it from them since I didn't want to worry about it being authentic or not.

I just have a simple question about some numbers that I see.
I see two numbers on back cover of the watch.
First line has 9 digits (3 digits, 2 digits, 4 digits with spaces between), and second line has 8 digits. Neither of them has letters. However, second line is white, whereas first line is simply engraved into the steel.

I was wondering what those numbers meant. Are they serial numbers? Or is only one of them a serial number? Then what does the other number mean?

I've been searching for an answer entire day yesterday but couldn't find an answer so decided to ask the experts here at watch talk forums.

Thank you very much for your help!

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I am sure it is legit, I think the first line is the internal code line. It gives the moder number, movement number, ect. the second number is the SN#
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