Your choise of the most significant Omega of 2007

  • De Ville Hour Vision

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • Co-Axial Speedmaster

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • 1932 Marine Chronometer

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • De Ville Co-Axial Central Tourbillon

    Votes: 2 22.2%

Most Significant Omega to be produced in 2007

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Omega has produced a number of stunning watches this year.There was the new Hour Vision with an all new inhouse movement, new as in a world's first - the Co-Axial Central Tourbillon, new by way of a special tribute and again another world first - the rotorless Co-Axial cal 3201 in the LE Speedmaster 50th Anniversary. Some may consider the LE 1932 Marine Chronometer to be a significant example of Omega's creative and engineering abilities. There are other superbly attractive and brilliantly-engineered watches but I think these are the foremost four.

Which is your pick pals and why?

If you have another watch in mind, please do state this too.

Be well now pals

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The De Ville Hour Vision IMO...

As stated in another thread, it marks the beginning of a new time for the De Ville line... :thumbup:

I love the Tourbillon, but it is just not a realistic watch to purchase (price-wise:rolleyes:) and it's a technology that will not be spreading over to other lines...
It is most likely true you won't be seeing Tourbillons on sports watches, except for Zenith's Defy line.:lol: (you gotta give them kudos for that).
No doubt in my mind: It's the DeVille Hour Vision.

This may not be that significant in the whole world of horology but for Omega it marks a major step in their aspirations to become the biggest watch manufacturer.

The in-house Co-Axial movement is a major investment for Omega and a very bold statement about where their future plans lie.

Also, the watch is stunning with the 270 degree viewing angle, is highly collectable (whilst numbers are initially low) and is very good value for money considering the complete sapphire sandwich, the in-house movement and the clever complications included (ability to change hour hand without disturbing the minute/seconds hand, long power reserve given by twin barrels and instantaneous date change). £2500 in SS is a bargain.

I want one!
That is such an advancement for Omega imho Tricky. They could have simply produced a standard working movement but no, as you say there had to be a complication facilitating the independent changing of the hour hand. Those twin barrels are such a breath-taking joy to consider and observe. And as if that weren't all, packaging it such that you are afforded a unique view through the side of the case.

Anyone who fails to understand the the added value one gets in buying an Omega deserves to waste their money on well, whatever.

Be well now pal

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