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One of the reasons I was attracted to LUM-TEC, in addition to the great watch design and workmanship, was their customer service.

I was putting my Combat B2H on one morning and dropped it on the floor. There is only an inch of hardwood between the rug and the wall and that is where it landed. After a quick inspection, I noticed two things. One the dial had cast off a chip of paint that was floating around inside, and two, the mechanism was broken; literally, I had a screw loose!

I sent it in to LUM-TEC with the above explanation. About two weeks later my watch showed up looking perfect and in perfect working order. I am not sure what broke or what Chris had to do to fix it, but he did not send me a bill.

Chris's dedication to his watches, his brand, and his customers makes purchasing a LUM-TEC an easy choice!

Thank you Chris.


P.S. A photo on my black leather PVD Panatime strap.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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