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Ball Moonphase

On Wednesday, October 23, my fiirst Ball arrived. The wearability of the watch is phenomenal, very comfortable. I love the feel of the case and the lugs. The strap is the one weak link but I replaced it with a Don Ginsler Black Calf and Ball deployant. They complete the package for me:thumbup1:

Finishing...I can't say enough. It is almost impossible to find a flaw with the 10x loop.

Nite around 4am, you are reminded about the simply incredible nite show. The Moon and stars are both powered by Tritium Tubes:thumbup:

The watch never gains more than +1 a day on the wrist, from the day it arrived!

I know accuracy isn't everything, but as the grandson of a watchmaker I believe that most of the movements today are regulatable to chronometer specs, and every mechanical I own, with the exception of some beaters, is. For me, Watchmaking should be about having no other method to tell time but our watches, and accuracy is important in the history of Ball. I believe that watches should be made for real world timekeeping, as if it is our only source. And you bet I can count on my Ball

I can confidently say that the Moonphase, and NightTrain have joined my Anonimo as my collection favorites. I have worn my Ball to the Ball as well, and it dresses up great, and also is great with my usual jeans and Yankee t-shirt. At 40mm, and just over 11mm in height, it really can fit in a variety of situations, and with a dark dial, and moon and stars,

Well Done Ball Watch Company. Dealers of the past, like my Grandfather, would be very proud of the present.

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