Model # marking question

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Couple of weeks ago I bought an 8926 with the beveled bezel from Sams Club and it was marked only by a removable sticker on the case back.

Just got an 8926 with coin bezel from "TV" and it has the model # etched into the case back.

Why the difference in marking?

Are some permanently marked and others not, even within the same model # family.
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A little history

The 8924 has gone through a few changes in the last five years.

The original coin bezel 8924 did not the Invicta logo on the second hand. This is the most collectable and has been out of production since about 2003 I believe.

The second 8924 or the 8924A is the scallop bezel version with the Invicta logo on the second hand.

The third verson is the 8924OB (original bezel) which is a return to the coin bezel, but this time the second hand has the Invicta logo.

Of course all Invicta Pro Divers are going to 43mm, so it may change again. A little confussing. I hope this helps.
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