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Hi all,

I am currently flying in the military and looking to purchase a quality watch for work every day. I am new to luxury, high end watches.

We get issued Casio G Shocks, and I am sure they are entirely fit for purpose, but nobody I know even wears them, and that includes me.

I want something fit for purpose for use daily at work - on the ground and in the air.

- Nothing showy - so no bling or chrome etc. Definitely prefer the black, dark titanium look, with contrasting very clear Arabic numerals.
- Cloth or NATO strap.
- Not huge - need to be able to pull up flight suit sleeve/gloves to access. Can wear outside the suit, but prefer not to for ergonomic reasons and also FOD concerns if it comes off.
- Can't have anything 'connected' (or even capable of this) - if so, would not be able to take this inside a brief, let alone inside any secure building - which pretty much would mean leaving it at home.
- Legible and simple (but still modern) - no giant, cluttered bezel with superfluous crap on it that will be entirely unreadable during an aircraft sortie. There are many 'pilot watches' that are unfortunately like this.
  • One touch chrono for nav, time on target etc redundancy (is this called a 'flyback' in a mechanical watch?)
  • Any other neat features that could prove useful as a watch that will see almost daily flying.

I suppose a superquartz movement is the best option given time loss in a mechanical watch - although I would love a mechanical. Have seen plenty of Breitlings that COULD fit the bill - exospace, aerospace, avenger, airwolf, 50, B1, B2, however some of these are either super cluttered, and/or 'connected' watches which rule them out. Also, the staggering array of models from all the manufacturers in the last 20-25 years has me a bit lost.

I would love to hear any advice the wise heads here may have for me.Would ideally like to make one purchase and make it a good one. Thank you in advance!

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Take a look at Citizen鈥檚 AT Blue Angels Watch
There are a few models with slight variations. The AT models sync with the US atomic clock nightly if you are in range. Hey have chronograph, count down timer, GMT, and world time functions.

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Keeping the chrono dial simple to read on an Aviation watch is always a difficult compromise. Hamilton makes a 'Khaki' line of Aviation watches and Seiko Prospex has a line of Speed timer chrono watches that might work. Both are in the $800 - $1500 USD range although the full-blown Hamilton Khaki Aviation 'Converter' watch is slightly more at around $1800 USD

'Dan Henry' brand has a "Top Gun" aviators chrono watch that has a relatively easy to read dial running around $1300 USD

Those Lum-Tec watches I mentioned earlier though seem to fit your requirements at a considerable savings and the brightness should be helpful with night flying.
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