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I detected this MC dial for sale in a vintage market area. The seller had no idea that the MC was a facsimile.. A very good one at that, but as with the PN dials one can find clues to trigger the alarm that the dial is a fake.

I have seen these MC dial and case facsimiles being more predominate during the past four years since the increased popularity of the MC model. A good study!

The correct MC dial on the left is not mine...I just used it as a correct example. So credit to the owner of the correct dial.
I hope this post helps the beginner on what to look for when purchasing a Tudor Monte Carlo.



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fake MC dial...

dial is sooooooo fake but supposedly sold by a known seller. get ready for more "better" fake stuff as I am seeing cases w/papers that will fool even the most seasoned eye. modern fakes have real movements, real dials and fake everything else. some models to watch for are:
two tone sub, platinum yachties, two tone yachties, anything all gold such as sub and old style yachtie. presidents in single or double quick are also in there.
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