Marcel et Cie.

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Has anyone have any detailed info on this brand? I googled it but didn't find much. I've had this watch for years, it's a hand-wind and it seems to work fine.
When I got it as gift from a friend in the early 90's, it had a plastic blue/red bezel insert, that has since disintegrated. Also my buddy told me it originally came w/a rubber strap, that also disintegrated years earlier.
I'd appreciate any history on this brand. Picture below.
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Also, there's an interesting thing about the watch. When it stops, from laying around, if I pick it up and shake it, the second hand starts to move for a while,
like an auto. If I keep shaking it, it keeps moving. Strange.
c'mon, somebody gotta have some info on this watch?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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