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Hey all,

I wanted to post my feedback on a wonderful strap maker here for those who are looking for high quality, amazing design, vintage/historic straps. I just rec'd yesterday 6 straps from Malio Straps and have been absolutely blown away with what I got.

Each strap I rec'd has by far exceeded my expectation in every way. The leather is BUTTER! Soft, pliable and the workmanship is top notch. The level of detail, distressing, colour variation and design is simply outstanding. I asked for specific details to be made/put on the straps and he nailed it to perfection.

If I had the $$ I would absolutely buy each and every one of his straps in the vintage and historic section of his website.

If you're looking for an ultra high quality strap for a reasonable price you definitely need to put Malio Straps at the top of your list!

In Picture #2 the names of the straps are as follows (from left to right):

1. Terrano
2. Legno
3. D'Avorio
4. Frassino
5. Crostino
6. Vittorio Perfetto

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