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Looks like a conversion to me. I might be wrong :sneaky2:
Even so, box, papers, etc....And worse ones lately have gone for double or more. If I was into Spaceviews I'd consider it. It looks like a very wearable watch. Serviced?, sub $400?, box/papers?, strap?

A pretty safe bet I'd think. Even if it ain't original.

I've never actually layed eyes on a Spaceview let alone wore one and to be honest, I'm not a big fan of them. To me they look a bit gimmicky. But I think if I had on I might change my view.

But I like nice looking dials!!!!!!! Why cut them out???

At this point, I'm not into getting off on seeing the guts of a watch (I've rarely looked into any of mine)......but that'll come I'm sure....
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