lupah reserve?

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I read a review of a Lupah reserve and fell in love with the watch. My problem is I can't find one for sale anywhere. As a matter of fact I can't find any reserve for sale. So my question is are Invicta reserve watches so limited in number and so popular that they sell out real fast or am I just looking in the wrong places? Any help would be great. Sorry for double posting I looked for the original post and could not find it so thats my excuse.
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Are you sure it was a Reserve Lupah? Because Invicta has not released one in the Reserve class yet. The closest thing to a Reserve Lupah is probably the COSC LE Dragon Lupah model number 2627 with the V7750 under the hood.
Sorry your right it was not a reserve but a limited edtion. The things I most liked about it besides great style was the cosc certified movement and saphire crystal. All the regular lupahs I've seen have mineral crystal.
FWIW AWESOME watch. very easy to read due to the all Sapphire Crystal gets compliments like nobody' business.
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Hi reeffanatic and welcome to the Original Invicta Forum.

As posted above, I am not aware of a Lupah in the Reserve Collection. . . yet.
That is not to say that there may not be one eventually. The Lupah's are in plentiful supply in several different models and sizes: regular, Dragon, and Grand. It is one design that is orginal to Invicta.
Lupahs are fantabulous. I've even seen 3 different brands that seem to have paid "homage" to them.
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