Lumtec + Rob aka The Strapsmith = shark infested V1

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So I ordered a lumtec V1 a few months ago with the full intent to have Rob make a custom strap for it. As soon as it came in I sent it to him. Normally you don't have to send the watch to him but I wanted it custom cut and flaired to match the case design and put on a 22mm deployment from lumtec from another watch. I think it came out FLAWLESS . Rob is a true craftsman and made it exactly how I wanted it and kept me updated with progress. Even got it delivered on my birthday! Thanks again Rob you are top of your class and I will recommend you to anyone in the market for a custom strap. If I'm ever in Montana beer is on me.

Custom notched and flaired down to 22mm black shark with off white stitching and leather backing... On to the pictures




And what's a lumtec thread without lume shots?

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In the custom strap world I believe you definetly get what you pay for and wait for. I wanted it pretty specific so I paid a little more and waited a little longer. You can purchase one premade with a standard taper and still handmade but to go the custom route usually takes a special person to make it as well and that's where you research of strap makers comes into play.

Cheap , fast , good - pick two , you can't have all three.

I'd rather not put up the exact cost since it varies from strap to strap and one would really need to contact the strap maker to get specifics for their piece. But if anyone wants to know pm me and ill discuss that with them no problem in private for this specific strap.
thanks for all the comments guys the watch us currently for sale if anyone is interested.

Edit- watch is sold
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