Ludmil for service???

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My local watch maker which was trained by Bulova to work on accutrons has just recently been diagnosed with brain cancer and will not be continuing his work.:( I have noticed yall talk about a guy in Bulgaria named Ludmil. I just sold him some watches and parts on eBay. Would yall recommend him for servicing and have yall been pleased with his work. I have some accutrons that are in need of service. I have called everybody in a 5 hour radius and nobody will touch a vintage accutron. Thanks in advance!,
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Anyone knows if he works on older Quartz movements like the Omega Calibre 1310 too? One of mine was keeping excellent time but now stops for no apparent reason, probably needs a service...
Answering my post from a few (well 10) years back and yes he does indeed fix 1310s too ;-) Just sent him another old Omega quartz watch recently as I'm finding time to fire up my old quartz watches and finding...problems with them :-( Hope he can work his magic on it too !
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