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For me, is this one:

Invicta 9937 Coin Bezel.

I always wanted a Rolex look-alike watch, but this one came defective with a crown and stem issue. The crown was broken so I had to buy an 8926 to take its crown and swap it on the 9937, the stem was fixed also. It was cheaper than sending the watch back to the US, Panama or wherever Invicta repairing shops are located. Two weeks ago I tried to manually wind the watch but I noticed it was impossible: a little gear near the stem was loose. I sent the watch to the watchmaker but so far he haven't fixed it because even though the SW200 is a clone of the ETA, some parts are not interchangeable and the ETA parts he has tried to put in it aren't the right size or shape. Oh, I forgot, when I got this brand new watch it had a problem with the bracelet: the upper right link made contact with the right lug so the bracelet couldn't move normally so I had to file the lug a little to fix that problem. For all of that I said goodbye to Invicta, no more watches of that brand (I also had an 8926 with an unaligned bezel and another one with cloth particles inside the dial). Besides that, I'm tired of people asking me if that watch is a Rolex, it looks too similar to the untrained eye and now I don't like it anymore, I want a watch with its own design and personality, not a clone or a "homage" of a big watch brand like Rolex. Someday I'll be able to buy a Submariner, but until then I won't use an almost identical watch like this one.

Sometimes what you always wanted is not the best for you.
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