Losing Time

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Hello Everyone,

If this or similar has already been posted, I couldn't find it, so here goes!

My 218 Accutron has started losing time (running slow). I mean significantly slow. It just had a battery change (it had stopped completely), and I noticed soon after that this was happening. It loses time both on the wrist and lying dial-side up on the nightstand. What could be causing this problem?

Fifty Fathoms :cool1:
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Firstly welcome to the forum.

They will run fine for years without much attention but do need servicing.
My guess is that you need to get the watch serviced. I would not run it any more to avoid costly damage.
Does the second sweep move smoothly all the way around the dial?
I concur with Oliver.
If the local guy cannot turn it around within a month then I would recommend Ludmil too.
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