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I received my first TAG watch in May. A TAG Formula one.
A life time gift and something I was incredibly grateful to have received.
I checked the time upon opening the box and of course it was correct to the second.
However, just within the month of the purchase I noticed it had lost eleven seconds and within a day or so it had lost ten minutes.
We took it back to the shop and were told it would take three months to repair. I wasn't interested in a repair but told they could not replace the watch as only TAG could decide if I had damaged the watch by dropping it or if it were a mechanical defect. I found this a very irritating response. They suggested re-setting the time correctly and seeing if it were 'just one of those things'. At the time, this seemed reasonable so we let them reset the watch.
I didn't wear the watch for the next for the next two weeks, but checked the time every day and it kept time to within plus or minus two to three seconds during that period. So thinking this was probably OK, I didn't check anymore and began wearing the watch for the first time two days ago. Guess what, this morning it is 7 hours 55 minutes slow. I'm assuming slow as the date is correct and I'm awaiting it to hit midday, if the date changes, then its fast, but either way, something is way out of line.
To receive a watch this unreliable and to found out so early on deserves a replacement surely. It will not be until the weekend that we can get to visit the reseller. It will be way out of the thirty day period and for the reseller to decide, but I cannot accept a repair.
Has anyone else experienced this kind of error?

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