Looking to make another Invicta Purchse

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Hello All,

I enjoy this forum because I can speak freely about my Invicta watches and not have to worry or be criticized about my choices or insulted for the path that I chose. I enjoy collecting the Invictas (certain models) Pro Diver's and soon the reserve line. My next purchase will be a Chrono/Diver's style. I was looking at the monster until I found out that many owners are receiving their Monster with inaccuracy in time keeping, i.e: going too fast or slow. That doesn't sink in with me well. I would like to acquire an Invicta that is Swiss not chinese, well built like my F0066 which I gather is full Japan from assembly to parts:cool1:

I need something with 47 or higher Dia and bracelet no less than 20, black perfer. any suggestions?
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You could check out the 6892

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You could also look at a reserve speedway. Very nice

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The #6892 is fantastic. Might take a letter from His Holiness at the Vatican in Rome to find one, however.
I am in love with my SAN III 6688. I know it is not in the reserve line, but I would definitely recommend that one for a chrono. If you like the bigger ones, you could also look for a Reserve Venom chrono.
I agree OF. I just got MY fourth Invicta (I have purchased five, one for my son for Xmas). This last one (8937) was just too darn good of a buy to pass up. :w00t:
I don't necessarily have an affinity for Invicta's, its just that whenever I am looking for a particular style or feature, a reasonably priced Invicta fits the bill. 2 Quartz, and three auto's. I think you'll find WTF a very nice place to hang around.:biggrin:
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