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I am looking for this Grand Diver, model 13791. :001_tt1:

If you see it for sale, please PM me.



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Trust me Bill, I have been, I searched and searched, I saw this and immediately wanted it for when I'm out on the boat.

"Big Woodie" is a 1951 Chris Craft, 47’, DCFB, I use it as a weekend camper/ Sport Fishing, tub.

10yrs ago, I had my 1957, 36’, Chris Craft Commander, out of the water and I was replacing the rotted chines on both sides.
I couldn't find anybody who worked on wood boats, and the guys I did, I couldn't afford.

Since my 1st day at the yard, there was a beautiful 1951, Chris Craft, 47’, DCFB, that I always asked about.

We were the only two wooden boats, allowed at the yard, I actually had to put 3k in additional deposit (emergency wood boat disposal fee), just to get the yard to say yes, for my boat.

I was told the owner had kept her there since 1960, he was very compulsive about having the boat maintained.

They also said, 1998 he brought a top craftsmen from the mystic seaport museum, and put him up in a hotel, for 4 months, while he went through the boat. The rumor was, he paid the guy 80k, cash to do a refit, not including materials.

Anyway, even though all the yard fees were being paid. And the yard was doing all the maintenance, bottom painting, keep her fueled and ready to cruise, winterizing, etc, no one had seen the owner for the last 2-yrs.

So here I am, middle of summer, 2002, sucking sawdust every weekend, replacing the wormwood on my 37’, and this old timer named Rich, starts hanging out with me.

He loved watching me do the work, brought his own lawn chair & small cooler.
Talking about ownership of a wood boat, while all the other owners, were on the way to and from, their newer glass boats, ribbing and riding me each time they past me. “ Here let me help you with that” hand me a box of matches.

By the 3rd visit from the old timer, the yards owner comes over to talk to him, and tells him, “I found you a, NYC Attorney, with a blank check, name your price”.

That’s when I found out he owned the 47’, and he had a quadruple bypass 2yrs before.
His name was Rich- Dick Jones, and he worked as a top level Engineer for Grumman, for 38-yrs.
He was head of Grumman’s Lunar Module Team, during his Tenor.

He asked if I wanted to buy the boat, to which I said yes, but that I could not compete with what the attorney could offer him.

He asked if I could afford 10k, after discussing his offer for the next 5-minuts, I said yes.
When we met a week later, I handed him the 10k, I told him, I needed to know why, he didn’t sell to the attorney,

He replied, he want some-one to take care of her, the way he did, not sell her off, because they have no clue, what they got them-selves into.

A week after I made arrangements with the yards owner to dispose of my boat for 1k, he handed me the 2k remaining out of my deposit, and tells me, that’s my yard fees are paid in full for the next 3-yrs.

When I asked why, he told me, Dick took care of it, paid him 10k in advance.
That included cleaning haul-outs twice a year, yearly bottom paint, and a soaking re-float in the lift.

Whatever I needed, just let him know.

The glass owners stopped laughing at me, after that.

I spent the rest of that summer cruising every other weekend, picking Dick up at 5am on Saturday, and dropping him off 4pm Sundays.

He taught me how to handle her, told me how when he first bought her, he didn’t like the way she responded on helm maneuvers, that her rudders where too small. So he had oversize navel bronze rudders made at Grumman, installed.

Dick bought the boat in 1956, from the estate of Mac Barricini of Barrricini Candies, a small, old time NYC, neighborhood chain.

And that Mac special ordered it, with a pair of Chrysler Marine Hemi’s, which were the first 2 sold by Chrysler, M45SP Serial #’s 000001 and on the other engine tag # 000002.
They are 331cu- twin 2bbl, not the 426cu, monster everyone used to.

He had the Hull Cards which is the original carbon copies, of order sheets from the marina that sold it to Mac Barricini, with his signature on it.

Dick passed away that following November, and when I attended his funeral, his Wife & Daughter, couldn’t thank me enough for the time, I spent with him. It was something he talked about nonstop to all his family and friends.

My Bilge-Rat (Son), who handles the boat better than I do, surprised me this year, with his NYS Boating Safety Certificate, and after years of telling him, when he’s 16, and if the law allows, I would let him take it out on his own.

This summer, at 16, he and his friends are planning out their Fire Island Weekend, I will be sitting at my computer watching them, on the new security camera system, I installed last year, getting drunk on Maalox.

I haven’t thought about Dick in Years, but the second I saw this watch, for some reason, all my thoughts came flooding back, and I knew, I got to get one.

I’ve seen the others, stst, yellow gold, not interested, just something about the rose gold & teak.

I don’t own anything gold plated, swore I never would, but this hit a chord with me, and I will be searching until I get one.



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Amazing story, love the boat. I did a little searching myself, 13791 doesn't seem to exist in the "new" watch world. You might get lucky and find a used one. Put a post in the Sales forum that your looking. Good luck with your search.

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After searching and searching, I figured I was going to have to wait on this one.
I set my daily saved searched with e-mail notification on ebay.
Set up the notify when available from amazon.
Did the same on shopnbc, and I noticed they had a video.

I play the video, and Eyal, is talking about how they worked on it for 2-yrs.
The vendor couldn't color the teak links consistently, that he wound up seeking a new vendor.
That they get them in very small batches, because of the wood links.

Anyway, I took a ride over to my guy at Precision Time, and talk it over with him.

It will be in this week. I will post photo's as soon as I get it.

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