Max Bill or Club Campus?

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Looking for dressy German watch: (Junghans vs Nomos) Which one to go for?

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Hey guys, recently my hands have been itching to get a German dress watch to fill in a gap in my collection, which are all divers and gshocks. I've looked at the swiss offerings such as Tissot and Longines but none of them really speaks to me, their dress watch somehow lacks of something imo.

I narrowed it down to Max Bill and Club Campus as my pick. Both are good in their own way but:

Max Bill: Interesting backstory but will the "can't never go wrong design" looks muted after a while? It's meaningful from the backstory perspective but

Club Campus: Fun design but is it worth it since its more expensive? plus the long lugs make the strap appear far apart from the case which does look quite annoying when worn on wrist.

Which one would you pick and why?
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I've no experience with either watch or brand but i like the looks of the Nomos a bit better. For that kind of $$ you should have plenty of other choices too.
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