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Hello, Tim from LI/NY.
Since this is my 1st post, I could not post this in the WANTED TO BUY, Because I do not have the 10 post min.

Anyway, I'm looking for a place I can get the Bund pad & Strap combo from, for my new watch.
My new watch is basically the same as my old watch.

I have searched and searched, googled, looked through E-bay, etc, etc.

Maybe you guys can recommend somebody, and advise what strap length I should consider.

My old watch is a Invicta PGD 3045, 47mm-case, with the metal bracelet.
I took the bracelet off, and measured it from lug pin, to lug pin, flat.
177.8mm or 7 inches, clasp closed.
What length strap should I look at?

Bund makes 3 sizes on the pad, from what I can tell I need the Large.?

My new watch is an Invicta PGD 10640.

I posted the photo below, what I'm looking for, white stitching would work too.

THANK YOU! To all who take the time.


You can PM me details, if needed.

My old watch. $150-6yrs Bought it to save my Explorer II $2400.-8yrs. Beat the crap out of this Invicta, and still keeps great time!
Watch Analog watch Rectangle Clock Watch accessory

My new watch.$90-1 day
Watch Analog watch Product Rectangle Clock

What I'm looking for.
Material property Everyday carry Font Composite material Handgun holster

What I'm looking for.
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Silver
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