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Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a digital watch. However I would like few features to be in this watch.

1) I would like a large watch. 45mm-50mm if possible.

2) I need it to be water resistant to a level were I can swim with it. I will not be diving with it so it does not have to go that deep.

3) hoping for more than one time zone if possible.

4) Some kind of data storage

I could deal with 3 and 4 not being there but the first 2 are a must.

I have looked at Casio but all the bands that come on their watches are small. Also didn't really like anything they had as far as style. I also looked at 2 more watches, one being Origo and the other being Suunto.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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I was gonna suggest a Casio Pathfinder until I got to the end of your post :001_tongue:

They do have a new one coming out in that line that is 200m wr and looks heavy duty...dont really know if the band is any bigger or not.
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