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I have the following watch:

I didn't use it for some time but when i take it out of its box it was dead .. tried to charge the mechanism by shaking the watch or rotating the crown and nothing shows it works!

However, when i move the hands i can see that the day/night gauge is moving but the seconds hand never move.

Can someone help?

I have this watch since 2012 and so there is no warranty

Thank toy

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Did you try to hand wind it? Just because its an 'automatic' doesn't mean it wont hand wind. Sometimes when an automatic runs right down and is left sitting for a while it needs some winding help to get it going again.

This info from your manual: "TOLERANCES / WINDING Mechanical movements The precision of a mechanical movement varies depending on the wearer’s habits. The majority of LONGINES watches have a precision of between – 5 and +15 seconds per day. Winding (crown pushed right in) The natural movements of your wrist will automatically wind your Longines watch, which has a power reserve of several dozen hours (see table of equivalents on p. 58-59). It is only necessary to wind it manually if your watch/chronograph has not been worn for one or more days. Occasional winding: if your watch has not been worn for one or more days, wind it manually with the crown in position 1."

And if the above doesn't work, its time for a service.

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...I didn't use it for some time but...
Yeah, when I've been inactive for "some time", I don't wanna do stuff either!

Look, unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches are going to require periodical preventative maintenance (servicing). When "some time" starts looking like ''some years'', the lubricants inside the watch's movement start to dry out.
Imagine taking your watch movement, spraying it with shellac, and then letting it dry. I'll bet that's basically what's happening here. Your gears are starting to get sluggish. Simply take your Longines to your local watchmaker and have him clean and re-lubricate it. It should work just fine after that!
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