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I received a Longines watch as a gift and can't seem to find any popular retailers that sell this model. Hoping that's not a bad sign...

The back of the watch has "L4 291 8" and the tag says "L42918212". Should they match? Serial number is 34142751 (on back of case and tag).

I love the watch but I know how much was paid for it, and if it's not real, we're going to return ASAP!!

Please help! Thanks in advance!

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There are so many experts on here who know better than I ever will but this looks like a fake to me.

I haven't seen a new Longines model like that (and I visit a good Longines AD often) and I don't think it looks vintage? It looks like a bastardisation of the vintage Longines screw back and front flexible lugs (Circa 1918) from pics I just saw - but I don't think that had Roman numerals?

Also the Longines logo is too big for the dial and the sub dial is too small for the main dial. It doesn't look Longines quality design or quality control standard to me.
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