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OK everyone,

The admin team here on Watch Talk Forums is looking for a few good men (or women) to join the admin team! That's right, we need some volunteers to moderate the Invicta forum!

The job's pretty easy. Participate as you usually do, help keep the peace, answer questions as needed and keep an eye on the forum. Additional 'jobs' include helping out your fellow moderators when needed and providing input in Admin Team discussions.

The preferred requirements are:
  • 500 post count
  • Frequent, contributing member of the Invicta forum
  • Ability to 'keep the peace' and be the calm voice in a sometimes heated debate
  • Participate daily in the Invicta forum
  • A genuine enjoyment of Invicta

OK, those are the preferred requirements, however exceptions can be made for strong candidates. If this appeals to you, please send a PM to CometHunter or myself letting us know about your interest. If you have any questions, feel free to reply or PM.

Thanks everyone! :thumbup1:

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Calling out to all Invicta lovers. This offer is still active.
Just because I'm here instead of our friend patsbosoxfan, don't think the position has been filled! I'm just here until a permanent Invicta Moderator can be found.
A lot of you out there REALLY love this watch, and probably 99.5% of you know more about Invicta than I do.
If you qualify, and think you want the job, it's NOT too late to drop Scott D or myself a PM and tell us!
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