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Chris (docvail) over at WUS's affordable forum recently launched his owned brand, Lew & Huey. His first model is going to be a race inspired automatic chronograph, named Riccardo. Here's a render with some specs:

I think it's an attractive looking chronograph at a hard to beat price (under $500). However, many seem to be put off the the brand name and/or the logo. For what it's worth, here is the story behind the name and logo:
"The brand "Lew & Huey" is a phonetic spin on the Chinese Mandarin phrase 'luen huey' (輪迴), which means reincarnation or rebirth. We believe in second chances, and that every dog will have his day (hence, the dog in our logo)."

For anyone that's interested, pre-orders are being taken at his website:

He also launched a Kickstarter if you want to back the project through that.

Hopefully he can get this project off the ground. :thumbup1: I'd love to see what he has planned next.
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