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Hey guys !

Let's talk about the cloth Khaki Trench Watch Straps !

My Waltham from last week put a notion in my head tho look into this subject further.

It seems that manufacturers of this type of trench watch strap were plentiful in their numbers.

Some strap companies were bought out by others and lawsuits were flying all over the place over the use of the word "KHAKI".

I've had a B&N "Stronghold" Military Strap Buckle for some time now even though it is unusable, it was cut off from the case by some meat head.

I've been keeping it for historical purposes, such as today!

I NEVER knew what "B&N" stood for until recently, it stands for Bugbee & Niles Company.

Now a couple of things may have happened because another company called L.E. Freeman Company had a nearly identical address as shown in the first two adverts.

Possible name change or maybe a company buy out.

Anyway here is their "Stronghold".

Here is an advert for the Simplex Company showing off their "one piece buckle".

Note that the WALTHAM is offset by 90 degrees to the right using an "open face" movement.

This Depollier advert shows the "NO FUSS" Olive Drab Webbing Strap with a fold over clasp.

Now these next ones from GRUEN are VERY RARE and I can honestly say that I have not ever seen one.

I am hoping that a fellow forum member can post some actual pictures of the Khaki "Liberty Military Strap"

I'd LOVE to see this "Sterling Silver Slide" with the "Liberty" stamp ! ! ! !

Now the 3rd Gruen down on the left states that it was available with the "Liberty" Khaki Strap.

Anybody have an all original one that they can share with us ? ? ? ? ?

Their prices went up to $200.00 back in 1918, that is roughly $3,000.00 today using a price Inflation Calculator ! ! !

$200.00 for a wrist watch back in 1918 was an EXTREMELY high price ! ! !

Now the J.F. Sturdy's & Sons Company was a bit of an oddity when it came to their advertising.

They really did not show too much of the straps at all.

They liked to show symbols of military strength rather than the actual product for the most part.

Khaki for color for the Army and Blue color for the Navy.

The symbol of overwhelming strength & power is quite prevalent in this one.

The strong masculine hand grasping a sword while wearing a wrist watch.

This symbolic strength theme would later be used by Elgin in their 1919 Strap Watch adverts.

This last one from J.F. Sturdy's & Sons Straps shows a US Army soldier giving the German Kaiser a good poke while on the run.

Note that the US Army soldier is wearing a wrist watch and the Kaiser is NOT ! ! !

These last pictures show a Waltham with an ORIGINAL Khaki Olive Drab Cloth Strap.

This example was made by the J.F. Sturdy's & Sons, the company from the three previous adverts listed just above.

You simply NEVER see them in this SUPERB original condition, they usually look like hell due to usage and age.

This is the BEST original example that I have ever seen ! ! ! !

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