Let's see your Oris

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Oris isn't very common here at WTF so I thought it would be nice see what everyone currently has in their collection. I think it's been done before, but there's been some new additions and this will serve as a good update.

I'll get things started with my 1000m Titanium Diver. This is my one and only Oris...for now anyway.

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My one and only...very impressed with the f/f :thumbup:
Great watch, great lume :thumbup1:
My only Oris ... for now!
That's a great looking watch jporos :thumbup1:. What's the lume like? Any night pics you might have?
Very nice watch :thumbup:. It looks in fantastic condition and still as stylish as it was new - that is, it has aged very well and wouldn't look out of place on the wrist today.
Can you tell us any of it's history? Is it a 'family' watch, or have you picked it up in a store somewhere (or online)?
I'd love to see more pics if possible - we love pics here :) - best way to improve the skills if you don't think they measure up :biggrin:.
I see you posted a lot more info in another thread here - so ignore the questions above. Still a great watch and it looks like you've put in no small effort to getting it restored - well done :)
My TT1 diver date and my team day date 2008

By the way, it's my first post, so ...
Hi there to you all
Hey Koen - fantastic watches!! :thumbup:. The first Team Day Date 08 I've seen here, thanks very much for sharing with us. I read the design of the markers on the dial represents the air vents in Nakajima's racing helmet? Very cool watch.
And of course, WELCOME TO WTF, AND THE ORIS FORUM :thumbup1:
Great photos everyone!

This is my very 1st new (to me) Oris (diameter 32mm). To say 'I love it' is quite an understatement :D

Natalia, can you tell us anything about this watch? Is it NOS? (New Old Stock), as it doesn't look like a current model, but I have seen another (men's) version of the same model posted elsewhere (it has a yellow seconds hand). It's very unusual and you wouldn't guess it's an Oris.
Enjoy the new watch, it's a great feeling :biggrin:
Muttley (feel kinda funny calling you that:001_smile: ),

The only thing I know about my model is that it was produced in 2002. After 'googling' my head off I found my Oris diver (and many other cool, out-of-production models) on a Japanese site. I use Google translator.

by the way, the other Oris you saw...was it one of these:
Yes, it was the 3rd picture from the left, with the yellow seconds
hand. :thumbup1:.
I removed the link to the Japanese site sorry, as we are not supposed to link to non-sponsor sites (WTF rules).
Sorry, Shayne :blushing:
No problem at all :001_smile:. We just need to be seen to be supporting the sponsors of this site as they keep the lights on. I checked the link, and if it only sold NOS Oris I wouldn't see a problem, but it sells other brands that are available from WTF sponsors so there was a bit of a conflict.
Don't let it put you off participating, no one's having a go at you :wink:.

I hope we can see some wrist shots of your Oris, as I don't have much of an idea of it's size from your pics.
Thanks very much for posting the wrist shots :thumbup:
Welcome to WTF, and the Oris Forum, CurrentTime :thumbup:.
That Classic Date is superb - the dial is so crisp and clear to look at - fantastic. And of course I can't say enough good things about the blue dial Diver (since I have one :D).
Thanks for posting some great pics of your Oris collection - cheers.
Karamel - that watch is nice, VERY nice :001_tt1:.
Anything you can tell us about it? (other than how good it looks) I haven't seen that one before, looks very similar to some of the Artelier Collection.
Welcome to WTF, and the Oris forum.
omegadaydreamer - welcome to the Oris Diver Date club :D. :thumbup:
Brand new.

WELCOME powerband.
Another great Diver Date joins the 'family' at WTF :thumbup:. This has to be the all time favourite here.
And let me add, the second photo (that I've reposted here) is excellent! It just makes a great watch look even better.

P.s does the username indicate another 2 wheeler amongst us?
Thanks, muttley!
By "2 wheeler," if you mean motorcyclist, then yes!
You need to make the aquaintance of LimeNine9r :D. Although I don't seem him posting too much these days....

Does anyone know the specs on this timepiece?

Thanks! Mike
Sorry, no. Can you post some pics of the caseback, and the model number?
I looks like the 633 movement. Most of the Big Crowns have 'big ben' style hands and not the ones in the pic, and have the date at 6, not 3.
I found a similar one on a Japanese auction site, but it had a tachymetre scale on the inside ring (that's why the request for the caseback photo).
more pics of my old oris

That watch is fantastic :thumbup1:. I've seen you post it in the Watch of the Day thread in the General Forum and admired it there.
The NATO strap really suits it as well.
You've done a great job bringing this classic back to working life :)
Thanks again for the compliment - I love her to death - perhaps its time I get a modern Oris to keep her company:D
Absolutely! :thumbup:
Have a scroll through the Oris owner's pics at the top of the Forum (I'm sure you have already), there are some great models there...
Couple newer pics. Nothing special, but this section needs a little more action...:laugh:
That's weird, there's no pictures :confused1:
But when I clicked reply to your post, it shows the links to the pictures, but still no pictures....
Once again, weird - :001_unsure:
Two great looking watches there, SynMike :thumbup:.
Really solid with the SS bracelets, too.
Just wondering if the Sinatra has a leather strap as well? Or is it only available on the SS bracelet? The SS bracelet looks specially made for the Sinatra - I haven't seen it on other Oris's...
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