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What do you guys think? I am REALLY digging the ladies Ceramic Domino and would LOVE to see that combo in a MEN's version in a case of 42 - 44MM...:thumbup:

I would like to see Invicta though do a better job on their ceramic bezels. Instead of just inserting a bezel cover on top of the bezel(like my OG Tungsten/Ceramic or this one), they should JUST mold or carve letters on to the ceramic kinda like EDOX does to their ceramic bezels.It'll look MUCH better and cleaner IMO...
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I can see someone getting jumped in NYC for those cheese yellow tennis shoes. Are they taking lessons from Lance Armstrong on that color?
What's wrong with Lance? I love the 10//2 style, but the Invictas just look like copycats to me.
I agree, Ariel. It is a nice looking watch.
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