Lag Monster

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Has anyone been attacked by the LAG monster? Or has anyone got kicked out, and had to wait five minutes before being let back in?

At times, I am rolling on, and then the page will freeze. All other tabs (IE) work fine. Even clearing cache, no dice. Wait 5-10, and I am back in. Trying to figure out if it is a connectivity issue, IE issue, or loose nut behind the keyboard.


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I dont have that problem as yet. But I think you might have to check the 'remember me' box whenever you log in. In other vbulletin forums that I previously frequent, this happens. try to see if it helps.
I've experienced a bit of problem from time to time opening a thread. But that may be my browser
It is happening to me with regularity. I use Mozilla as a browser. Any quick fixes I can try?

Rusty & TF,
You guys tried putting more quarters in the meter? :laugh: :thumbup1:

But to answer, nope. I'm flyin' high on the new site! :thumbup:
No problemo here:D so far:biggrin:

Kind regards
So far no problems.Using IE as my browser.
Hmmm.... it seems to be intermittent with IE and Mozilla. Maybe it's bandwidth? I noticed it more at night. Anyone else? Anyone........Anyone..........Bueller..........Bueller........ :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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